In rural and remote communities, agricultural production forms part of the major economic empowerment sector. However, there are other components of the economy including culture, and the general living situations of the people . Aside from major projects and programs intervention by government and NGOs, there are a lot aspirations, success and struggles of rural people particularly in northern Ghana which some times no spotlight has or will be turned on.

Narratives of Rural Economy is an integrated initiative that aims to fill this gap by researching, presenting, informing, educating, entertaining, engaging and promoting rural life stories. It also seeks to engage the youth into having deeper conversations about such stories.

Narratives of Rural Economy will focus on posting stories and insights about culture, agriculture, gender, women empowerment and intersect these with the writer’s personal inspirational stories, motivations and opinion pieces. It will particularly focus on identifying stories which are related to the challenging experiences and drivers of rural communities from the the writer’s perspectives.

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