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Life lessons I have learned growing up

Growing up, life circumstances have taught me diverse lessons. These lessons have shaped the way I think, perceive things and consequently how I do them. Among the lessons, I share three of them.

Firstly, I have learned to be the owner of my story. You can never own what someone else experienced or possess what is theirs. You can only attribute your success stories and experiences through your contact and connection with other people. But that personal encounters belong to you and only you alone.

Secondly, don’t compete with anyone in this life; times and seasons allow different things to happen to us differently. You only need a role model to look up to. You can not compete with people you have no idea the kind of opportunities available to them or the battles they have fought before. Competition in a formal contest is commendable. However, it is not very applicable in life living circumstances.

Thirdly, the results do not matter, but the processes of achieving such results matter. Whatever you put in will determine the outcome results. Therefore, putting positive energy, attitudes, efforts and endurance towards the ups and downs will surely turn out better and mould you into a more energetic and experienced person. 

I got inspired by this,  and I want to use my own life experiences as a story which demonstrates how well I own it. Also, it will show a series of events and the processes that transpired. You never can tell how a person started, what a person is going through, or how a person manages to handle situations.  I believe my life story can bring much impact on someone’s or also inspire them to share their story.

This story of my life may inspire many, give strength and hope to others, and also put others into a state of feeling pity.  It is alright to have any such feelings. But the intentions here is to inspire people. Enjoy reading, feel free to ask any question, like or comment.

22 replies on “Life lessons I have learned growing up”

I’m impressed and re-energized to realize that our stories are that life impactful. In deed we go through similar situations but our attitudes determines the outcome.

Thanks for sharing dear.


Lydia is a whole lot but you managed to make it brief and concise.
You’re really an inspiration to a lot of people and myself in particular. You really own a story and it has been God since day one.
He’s indeed worthy of our praise.
Thanks for the inspirational story


Mike, I get much inspiration from you, thank you for reading. God is always good in deed .


Thanks , I am really excited to know this, God bless you Sarah.


It is a great thing that you have started. Please, keep it up, become a master of it, put in more of the things one cannot find anywhere. Very you soon, you will feature me to narrate my rural life story and how that has shaped me. There are many others, who have become masters of telling their true stories. The best platform to share such inspiring stories is here. Probably, I see this initiative much bigger than you can imagine.
Imaginations are reality at times.

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Am glad you learned something, let’s proudly own our stories always.


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