Words of encouragement

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These are some of the things I reflect on every day, and I want to use that to inspire you.

It doesn’t matter where you began, it doesn’t matter how you started or what you are going through, but it does matter what God is doing in your life. I encourage you to look at what God has given you and use it to help humanity. The meaning of life is something you create day after day with your actions and thoughts. Always enquire what you can acquire, and how to move forward, and stop yourself from blaming other people if things aren’t the way you would like them to be. What exactly living life to the “fullest” looks like is up to you.

Challenges, pains, heartbreaks, sorrows, disappointments, problems, and shortcomings always do offer us the opportunity to make things happen. Sometimes you look around yourself, and nothing seems to work. Darkness and uncertainties appear to be on the face of everything around you, including your relationship, marriage, career or job, health, education, and many more. The temptation to give up easily and throw up one’s hands in despair and resign to failure is always high. However, you have still got options to choose from within your territory.

You can choose to position yourself in a path that gives you possibilities, or you can choose the way of doom that offers no hope at all. It is in this same line of thinking that Kofi Annan stated:” life is a choice, and to choose well you must know who you are, what you stand for, where you are going, why you want to get there and how to get there.” If you have no idea of these, you easily give up in the middle of the chaos.

When life offers you with impossibilities, choose to turn them into many unimaginable possibilities. You can choose to rise on your feet and declare these possibilities with faith and zeal or you decide to give up and perish. There are no magic words that automatically work in you. Still, a declaration of intent to settle the problem works perfectly well. Declare to change the narratives of your life. We have everything it takes to bring a wholesome change to everything we find ourselves. How do we individually strengthen ourselves with the word of God, where our hope lies? Keep the word in you every day and let it dwell in your heart and work with it daily. 

Understand your circumstance and create a space sometimes to reflect. Do not forget to share your own reflect points or comment on this post.

My stories are still underway….

12 replies on “Words of encouragement”

I find it fantastic that you share your life experiences, for one will always benefit from such an inspirational author(You). Looking forward to reading more.

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Thank you Dima, I’m glad to share, please make time to read one post every week as I will share one next week.


Great piece, keep it up. Let more flow.

We look forward to new and unfamiliar experiences, full of optimism because we are filled with the expectation of a wonderful adventure and its the perfect attitude to carry with you everyday because life too is a journey.
Looking forward to reading more

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Thank you so much for adding your inputs, I will surely keep the pieces posted. Be sure to get a post every week. Enjoy reading


Beautiful writeup full of substance, it is not surprising reading such full packaged words of encouragement. More of those Lydia…soar higher

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