About me

Lydia Madintin Konlan is a Ghanaian blogger. She loves telling stories and writing about rural communities. She was born and raised in rural Kpemale in the North-Eastern region of Ghana. She can speak Moar (mother tongue), English, and a bit of German. Born in Ghana, she lived and had her first degree BSc. Agricultural Technology (Focus: Agriculture Economics and Extension) at the University for Development Studies Nyankpala campus Tamale. From there, she traveled and studied her postgraduate program MSc. Sustainable International Agriculture (Focus: International Agribusiness and Rural Development Economics) at the Georg-August Universität Göttingen and the University of Kassel Germany. Even with her exposure and experiences with other cultures and lifestyles, she takes the pride of rural communities with her and she is a proud rural girl.

With a comprehensive background in agriculture, she is passionate about agribusiness, women empowerment and entrepreneurship as she believes these are some of the elements of rural development. Her topics about rural communities focuses on culture, agriculture, women empowerment and the general plights of rural communities and it’s people. She intersect these stories with her own experiences and struggles growing up in similar place. She dreams about a transformative rural economy through equal recognition and opportunities for rural people.
She loves to read, travel especially to rural areas. She likes to learn new culture and explore nature’s beauty. She is always encouraged by her own experiences, struggles and aspirations. She hopes to use these stories to engage and inspire others. You can follow her on other social media platforms: